Dimension Capital Management is a wealth management firm dedicated to meeting the unique financial service needs of high-net-worth individuals, families and institutions worldwide. As an Investment Adviser, DCM has three decades of experience in protecting and growing wealth.

Wealth Management Services
An integrated solution to preserve, grow and optimize wealth.

At a Glance:
– Registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as a Registered Investment Adviser since 1997
– Founded as a Family Office in 1980
– Fee-only Investment Adviser
– Privately owned

Firm Overview

DCM provides comprehensive investment advisory services to high net worth individuals, families and institutions both in the US and abroad. The firm has three decades of expertise and investment experience in building and protecting a sound financial legacy for its clients.

Customized Solutions
As an investment adviser we have the experience and flexibility to provide tailored, objective wealth management solutions. Every client is different, so each portfolio is designed to meet the unique financial needs and goals of each individual.
Alignment of Interest
At DCM, we are here to serve our clients’ interests and only our clients’. Our fee-only structure means that as our client, you are assured of receiving qualified, objective recommendations for your specific goals.
Managing Complexity
We recognize that clients face sophisticated challenges. DCM is intimately familiar with the complexity of managing wealth and offers the depth of experience to provide customized solutions.

Wealth Management Services

We offer a broad range of wealth management, investment services and guidance to meet our clients’ needs and objectives. DCM leverages the breadth of our team experience and global investment opportunities to provide tailored strategies and solutions to attain your goals.

Comprehensive Advisory

 We provide portfolio and investment managment services to both U.S. and offshore investors. Our capabilities extend through a third party network of professionals to support areas such as estate, tax, insurance and trust services.

Wealth Management

Our main objective is to provide tailored investment advice that is appropriate for your needs and objectives. We achieve this by understanding your risk tolerance and seek to build a portfolio framework around the optimum risk/return parameters to meet your goals.

Institutional Platform

DCM implements strategies and monitors managers, seeking to optimize a portfolio’s overall performance, risk management, investment horizon and liquidity. We deliver consolidated performance reporting by aggregating a client’s multiple account statements provided by custodians, brokers and banks.

Growth Fostered. Wealth Preserved.

Investment Process

The strength of our approach lies in our ability to balance innovative thinking with institutional discipline; customized strategies designed to achieve results. With a long and proven track record of working with investors, DCM has established a disciplined investment process that is tempered with understanding a client’s risk/return tolerance, goals and objectives while striving to achieve optimal performance.

Disciplined Approach

DCM’s 5 step investment process is built from decades of investment experience and strives to provide a client with optimal portfolio performance given their risk and return objectives.

We define it as:

  1. Understanding Client Needs
  2. Macroeconomic Factor Analysis
  3. Asset Allocation and Identification of Investable Themes
  4. Manager Selection
  5. Portfolio Construction & Monitoring.

Current & Innovative Thinking

We apply a fresh, global-market perspective when developing portfolio strategies and evaluating investments. At the same time, we are grounded by an institutional research methodology which enables us to monitor risk and manage our client’s objectives.

Active & Dynamic View

We frame asset classes within a broader view of market and global conditions to capture optimal portfolio performance. Furthermore, we actively manage and monitor portfolio exposures and make shifts based on market and global developments.

Global Opportunity. Diverse View.

Meet the Team

At DCM, our approachable and diverse team of experienced investment professionals work collectively to address the individual goals of each client.

Miguel F. Dueñas

Managing Partner

Mr. Dueñas joined DCM in 2005 as a Board Member, and was named President and Chief Investment Officer in 2009. Mr. Dueñas presides over the firm’s Investment Committee which is responsible for approving…

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Onofre Torres

Managing Director

Mr. Torres is a founding partner of DCM and is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Torres has implemented a disciplined investment process of asset allocation, manager due diligence…

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Albert Marques

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Marques is the Chief Operating Officer of DCM. He presides over the firm’s Operations and Compliance Committee and is responsible for the operations of the firm. In his role, Mr. Marques leads in the structuring…

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Alejandro Tovar


Mr. Tovar is a Director at DCM and is responsible for client portfolios. He is also a non-voting member of the Investment Committee. In his role at DCM, Mr. Tovar works with the investment department…

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Paul Lacoste Maddock III


Mr. Maddock is a Director at DCM and is responsible for client portfolios. Prior to joining DCM, Mr. Maddock was a Senior Vice President and Business Development Officer at Bessemer Trust Company in New York City…

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Angel Gonzalez, Jr.


Mr. Gonzalez is responsible for accounting and audit related activities for DCM. He leads the production of financial reporting, monitors an adequate system of accounting records, and liaises with the firm’s external auditors…

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James V.V. Burke

Director, Investment Department

Mr. Burke joined DCM in 2015 as a Director in the investment department. Mr. Burke is responsible for sourcing, evaluating and recommending investment opportunities to the CIO and the Investment Committee…

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Ernesto Padron

Vice President, Direct Investments

Mr. Padron joined DCM in 2017 as a Vice President in the Direct Investments department. He is responsible for identifying, evaluating and recommending private and public direct investment opportunities…

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Jonathan Fischer

Investment Analyst

Jonathan Fischer is a member of the investment team at Dimension Capital Management responsible for sourcing, evaluating and recommending investment opportunities to the CIO and the Investment Committee…

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Tiffany Mangelli

Senior Client Relations Analyst

Ms. Mangelli supports the client relations team by assisting in client performance reviews, portfolio management due diligence and investment research. She also serves as one of the primary…

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Nathan Woodruff

Director of Compliance

Mr. Woodruff joined DCM in 2016 as the Director of Compliance. He is a member of the firm’s Operations and Compliance Committee and is responsible for the overall compliance operations of the firm…

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Amy Ritch

Senior Client Relations Analyst

Ms. Ritch provides service regarding resolution of client inquiries, back office operations, compliance matters, legal coordination and treasury matters. As a member of the Operational Compliance Committee…

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Robert Reyes

Director of Accounting

Mr. Reyes joined DCM in 2017 as the Director of Accounting. He is a member of the firm’s Operations and Compliance Committee and is responsible for fund operations and related accounting, audit and tax activities…

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Natasha M. Leon

Sr. Project Manager

Ms. Leon is responsible for leading the initiative to deliver project(s) that span across one or more business units. Additional responsibilities involve identifying new business infrastructure strategies and models…

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